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Moonfruit is a UK -based company that offers a website building service. Moonfruit was launched in January during the dot-com bubble , and was supported entirely by advertisements. SiteMaker is a reseller of domain registrar Gandi so SiteMaker customers can register domains for their sites, in return Gandi offers SiteMaker as an option to its customers in addition to its own website builder. In Moonfruit’s Flash based platform was adapted to render sites in the HTML 5 format to enable website presentation on tablets and Apple based devices. Moonfruit user created websites that are facilitated by the new build of Moonfruit can be viewed at the non-affiliated Moonfruit Directory. On 8 August Moonfruit announced that they would cease to offer free websites. The owners of free Moonfruit websites could upgrade to a paid subscription, failing which their websites would be deleted after 90 days.

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When you first sign up with Moonfruit, you’ll be put onto a Trial account. The Trial will give you access to the Standard package features for 14 days. After this period you will need to upgrade your account to one of our paid options to keep your website. Our paid plan features can be viewed here.

See contact information and details about Moonfruit. Build your own professional looking site quickly and easily with our do-it-yourself Founding Date.

JavaScript is required. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. The above graph displays service status activity for Moonfruit. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline. We have tried pinging Moonfruit website using our server and the website returned the above results.

If moonfruit. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress Force a full refresh for the site. Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the web page.

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The reference here is to a website. In fact, the wonder of the whole deal is that you can create a killer website with some super advanced additional features, for free! However, what is to be noted here is that a lot of them are surprisingly tacky and leave you with half baked and practically useless websites.

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Looking for an affordable, easy-to-use site builder? Read our review of Moonfruit to get all the facts you need to help you in your search. Last Updated on August 5, Nowadays, having a website is crucial for business success. But, hiring a web developer and a designer to get your site up and running may not always be feasible. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that allow you to create your own site, without having any coding experience.

One of those options are site builders that rely on a drag-and-drop interface to allow anyone to create a website without having to hire a developer or have any coding knowledge. Some site builders are outdated and offer little in terms of customization and features.

Subscribing to a package

Moonfruit has been around for a long time, but its current products disappoint in almost every area. Our advice? Move on — there’s nothing here that deserves your attention or cash. Options are a little more basic than some of the competition, with the company offering only a small number of responsive templates.

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Options are a little more basic than some of the competition, with the company offering only a small number of responsive templates see a preview here. Still, these can be customized by tweaking individual details or dragging and dropping full content blocks. Your pages can include image galleries, forms, maps, social feeds, embedded videos and more. Moonfruit’s Basic plan gets you a single site with MB of storage, but no specific page or bandwidth limits.

Moonfruit’s Professional plan loses the ads, fortunately. That’s not going to look good for any professional or business sites, even if they’re not planning to support any kind of secure transactions. Both give you a configurable web store with support for unlimited items, and the Pro plan adds support for digital items. Moonfruit offers a free day trial, and even if you sign up after that, the company says it will refund your money if you cancel within 14 days.

This isn’t automatic — you must ask the support team via live chat — and if you’ve registered a domain through the plan, that cost will be deducted.

What Can SMB Owners Learn From #moonfruit?

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Moonfruit is a British website builder with a long history. Read my Moonfruit out ShippingEasy. Date Established: ; Location: London.

Most big companies are suspicious of Twitter. Critics say there is no clear business case for Twitter, there are security problems, a lack of control over what happens, and there’s potential for spectacular mistakes and reputational damage. But more people are joining the service, and many believe the site will have a greater impact on business than other social networking sites. Wendy Tan-White ‘s web hosting company, Moonfruit, is one of those that got it right.

For its 10th birthday, it gave away a Macbook Pro laptop every day for ten days. To win one, you had to tweet using the hashtag moonfruit, although it quickly became a competition for how creative you could be. The idea was a good one and moonfruit topped Twitter’s trending lists for three days. At its peak it accounted for 2. People drew pictures, made videos and sang songs about the brand. It got so popular Twitter removed it from the trending lists, although has yet to explain why.

The awareness drummed up through Twitter has boosted the number of people trialling Moonfruit products by three and a half times.

MoonFruit Review: Silly Name, Serious Small Business E-Commerce

Check out ShippingEasy. Early iterations of Moonfruit relied on income from advertisements to fund the service, which was then completely free. While still using advertisements as a source of cash flow, the company has moved in a somewhat different direction and now offers subscription-based services to its users. Even Moonfruit has acknowledged this, and in a February blog post , they put forth a commitment to remaking their platform in accordance with modern standards.

What this last update means is that Moonfruit now has two website editing tools: the responsive editor and the original editor, which was widely acknowledged by Moonfruit themselves, no less to be several steps behind the times.

Yes – Moonfruit is still going – but is it a website building service worth signing up for?

Updates Subscribe. July 18 , Since launching the v6 migrate EAP Early Access Preview a couple of weeks ago, many of you have flown over to v6 and with impressive results, it seems. For those yet to take the plunge or should that be flight? And it has been worth it, especially with the Facebook shop integration and a faster loading site, which means more customers are more likely to return.

The results are great, I love my new site. Her advice to others considering whether to go ahead and migrate? Go for it!

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